C h.   B l a z i n t a i l s   H i   T i d e
Date of Birth:   10th September 2002

Colour:              Blue Merle, White & Copper
Eyes:                  Dark Amber with a blue fleck in each eye
                           Affected:  29th December 2009
Teeth:                Full dentition, Scissors Bite

Hips:             Right 4    Left 2
Elbows:        Right 0    Left 0
Hereditary Cataract - Dominant (HSF4):
Affected    (one copy of the mutation)
MDR1 :         Carrier
CEA/CH :     Clear
Bob Tail :     Clear

DNA Tests certified by GT Pets (Melbourne)
Although Krystal took a long time to mature,  she  still managed to take out
several In Group age classes  along the way.

Her real attributes are definitely  energy and drive which is not surprising
coming from strong working lines on her dam's side.  Krystal was bred once
and produced a beautiful litter (see the Summer Litter), she was a very
devoted mum to her children.

Not having quite the time to put into her boundless energy was a waste of
this clever girl.

On 29th December 2009 the Ophthalmologist found Krystal had Posterior
Polar Cataracts (also known as Star Cataracts)  in both eyes  and has been
Krystal's  Pedigree :

Aust. Ch.
Sugargum Texas Cowboy

Blue Merle, White & Copper

Sugargum Power N Panache

Black, White & Copper
Aust. Ch.  Bouncing Ball's Chance
Of Fog (Imp. USA) ADX JD

Red Merle, White &  Copper
Aust. Ch. Bouncing Ball's Tiny
Jazzdance (Imp. USA) CDX

Black, White & Copper
Aust. Ch. Good Time Zeke (Imp. USA)

Black, White & Copper
Dayspring's Dakota Rust (Imp. USA) HT

Red, White & Copper
Am. Ch. Saddleridge's Risky Business (USA)
Red, White & Copper
Bouncing Ball's Lady Bair (USA)
Blue Merle, White & Copper
Bouncing Ball's Tiny Lester (USA)
Am. Ch. SCF Come Dance On Broadway (USA)
Blue Merle, White & Copper
Windridges Electric Soundtrack (USA)
Blue Merle, White & Copper
Good Time La Frog (USA)
Black, White & Copper
Truelucs Little Tucker (USA)
Black, White & Copper
Bohan's Dakota Ann (USA)
Blue Merle, White & Copper
Being judged at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Show aged 7 yrs.
Pictured at 8 years of age.
Xmas 2012 - Krystal at 10yrs